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Personality Traits Based On Your Zodiac Decan

We are all unique 

If I had a dollar for every time an astrology naysayer said "How can millions of people born under one sign all be the same?," I would be sipping Cherry Coke on an island with Oprah. But I don't blame people for their skepticism. Astrology has been very commercialized and the average person isn't aware of zodiac decans (I'll explain in a second!) let alone, the deep psychological and spiritual awareness that can come through the study of real astrology - not the watered down horoscopes some of us read (although I still love reading horoscopes!).

It's impossible for people born under the same sun sign to be exactly the same because 1. we all have different natal charts with different planetary placements and 2. we all have different life experiences. So even if you were to follow two astrological twins - people born same day, same time, same time zone, they would be VERY similar in terms of their personalities but obviously they would see the world and/or express themselves differently depending on race, gender, social status, etc.

But without getting into the finite details of your personal natal chart, (a snapshot of what the universe looked like the moment you were born), there is a simpler way for you to differentiate yourself from other people born under your sun (zodiac) sign. And this is through what we call decans or decanates in astrology. 

What is a decanate or decan?

A western natal chart is represented as a circle and if you think back to math class, a circle is 360 degrees. Each of the 12 signs when placed into the natal chart is 30 degrees. Within the 30 degrees of each sign there are let's call them... "sub" segments that are 10 degrees each. And this is referred to as a decan or decanate. In astrology each sign has a planetary ruler so Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is ruled by action planet, Mars. But within each decan of a zodiac sign, there are subrulers assigned to each of the (3) 10 degrees within each sign. I hope I'm making sense to you and you're following along!!!

So when looking at your zodiac sign, the way you can find out which decan you fall into is simply by looking at the day you were born. The first decan starts on the first day the sun moves into that zodiac sign and ends on the 10th/11th day depending on if there are 30 or 31 days in that month. The next decan starts on the day after the last day of the first decan. And the last decan starts on the day after the last day of the second decan. It ends on the last day of that zodiac sign and then the sun moves into the next sign. Do you have a headache yet?? 

So luckily you don't have to figure out which decan you fall into because I've already done the work for you! Find your birthday segment under your zodiac sign below to find out more about your zodiac decan, your personality and how you're different from other people born under your same sign. Learn more about your zodiac sign! 

March 21st-April 19th

Aries First Decan

March 21 - March 31

Planetary subruler: Mars

You were born under the first sign of the first decan and you have the urge to be first at everything especially winning. You're courageous and determined and with action planet Mars as your ruler and subruler you act first and think last. You're quick to initiate new projects and undertakings but can lose interest just as quick as you start. You should make exercise a part of your normal routine or else you could end up being injury or accident prone.

Aries Second Decan 

April 1 - April 10

Planetary subruler: The Sun

You're an Aries that wants and needs to be recognized for your accomplishments. You have the drive and will of an Aries but also a giving and loving heart. You're ambitious and your reputation is important to you. You enjoy the finer things in life and long for a love partner that will understand you and let you get your way! And speaking of getting your way... if things don't go in your favor, you can have a tendency to sulk. 

Aries Third Decan 

April 11 - April 19

Planetary subruler: Jupiter

You're an Aries with big dreams, goals and aspirations. You love to travel and meet new people and are very open minded.You have a thirst for knowledge but can sometimes come across as a know it all. You tend to be lucky but should to guard against overindulgence, especially when it comes to money.

April 20th– May 20th

Taurus First Decan

April 20 - April 30

Planetary subruler: Venus

Venus as your ruler and subruler gives you natural charm and good taste. Many Taureans value money and possessions but those born under this decan can be very materialistic. It's easy for you to make new friends and many of your friendships are long-lasting. You have artistic and creative abilities which you can profit from if you desire to turn a hobby into a second stream of income.

Taurus Second Decan

May 1 - May 10

Planetary subruler: Mercury

Communication planet Mercury is your subruler giving you a natural flair for organization and attention to detail. You like things a certain way and can become upset when you feel out of control of your environment. You may be gifted at writing and speaking but tend to over think things which can be very overwhelming to you at times.

Taurus Third Decan

May 11 - May 20

Planetary subruler: Saturn

With Saturn as your subruler, you are responsible, reliable and pragmatic. You are good at following through on personal goals and don't mind working hard for something you really want. At times you may come across as being too serious so you should make it a point to have more fun. You can be hard on others in relationships because you expect the best. Expressing how you feel is important to you. 

May 21st– June 20th

Gemini First Decan

May 21 - May 31

Planetary subruler: Mercury

You were born to communicate with Mercury as your ruler and subruler. You're quick-witted and can come up with ideas on the spot. You're mind is constantly racing and you could learn to relax a little. You have a lot of energy and don't like being in the same place for too long. People find you interesting because you're knowledgeable about a wide range of topics.

Gemini Second Decan

June 1 - June 10

Planetary subruler: Venus

You are charming, persuasive and a people person. You enjoy going out, having a good time and making new connections, especially when it comes to potential love partners. You're creative and have good ideas but sometimes lack the follow through to execute them. You have a sensual nature and love connecting with others mentally.

Gemini Third Decan

June 11 - June 20

Planetary subruler: Uranus

With eccentric planet Uranus as your subruler, you tend to run hot and cold. You may be into one thing one day and off it the next. You're open-minded, enjoy spontaneity and don't mind standing out from a crowd. You have many friends and love connecting with people on a mental level. You're able to come up with big ideas and organize the details to make them a reality.

June 21st– July 22nd

Cancer First Decan

June 21 - June 30

Planetary subruler: Moon

You're highly intuitive, emotional and nurturing. You have an excellent memory and your powers of perception may feel like both a gift and a curse to you since you tend to pick up on other people's pain and can sometimes internalize it as your own. You have the power to create new opportunities for yourself but can be guarded and hyper sensitive.

Cancer Second Decan

July 1 - July 11

Planetary subruler: Pluto

With powerful planet Pluto as your subruler, you can often be overwhelmed by your emotions and should try ground yourself by getting outside in nature or starting a meditation practice. You're determined and go after what you want wholeheartedly. You may often find yourself in power struggles where you feel misunderstood. The key to overcoming this is to detach and work on not taking things personally.

Cancer Third Decan

July 12 - July 22

Planetary subruler: Neptune

You're a dreamer who is highly creative and loving. Relationships and love are extremely important to you but you should try to avoid being a people pleaser. At times you may wear your heart on your sleeve and deep down you are afraid of being hurt. You have artistic abilities and creating a peaceful environment is essential to your well-being.

July 23rd– August 22nd

Leo First Decan

July 23 - August 1

Planetary subruler: The Sun

With the Sun, center of the universe as your ruler and subruler, you have a larger than life personality and enjoy being the center of attention. You're a natural-born leader but can come across as bossy. When you feel you are right, you don't back down. You love hard and expect the same in return. Your ego can be easily bruised but you're quick to bounce back.

Leo Second Decan

August 2 - August 12

Planetary subruler: Jupiter

With expansive planet Jupiter as your subruler you generally have a positive outlook on life. You're a seeker of knowledge and can be good a giving advice to others. At times you can become overly confident and stuck in your ways. You love to have a good time but should be careful not to overindulge when it comes to eating, drinking and spending money.

Leo Third Decan

August 13 - August 22

Planetary subruler: Mars

With action planet Mars as your subruler, you're extremely passionate and driven. You're not afraid to speak your mind and are usually direct and to the point. You can be very stubborn and hard-headed but you will always stand up for those you love. You should guard against burn out by making sure to take time for yourself to relax.

August 23rd – September 22nd

Virgo First Decan

August 23 - September 1

Planetary subruler: Mercury

Mercury being both your ruler and subruler gives you extreme powers of concentration and attention to detail. Unfortunately it also gives you a tendency towards worry and criticism. You're very organized and methodical and may enjoy solving puzzles or activities that take a great deal of mental agility. On the flip side you may overwhelm yourself mentally and become scattered. Meditation can be good for your mental health.

Virgo Second Decan

September 2 - September 12

Planetary subruler: Saturn

You have drive and determination at your fingertips with planet of hard work Saturn as your subruler. You may have felt a great deal of responsibility from a young age which you carry with you to your adult years. At times you can be pessimistic and too hard on the people close to you but this is because you want the best for them.

Virgo Third Decan  

September 13 - September 22

Planetary subruler: Venus

The mix of analytical planet Mercury with beauty planet Venus gives you exceptional creative talents that involve detail. You could be talented at design and/or any form of artistry. Partnership is important to you but at times you lack the confidence to go after the type of partner you deserve. You may be shy and overly critical about appearance - both yours and a potential mate. You should guard against superficiality. 

September 23rd – October 22nd

Libra First Decan

September 23 – October 2 

Planetary subruler: Venus

You love everything about love - falling in love, being in love and being loved by others. Harmonious partnerships are extremely important to your happiness and it may be tough for you to finish projects without the encouragement of others pushing you along. You probably have great taste and knack for making things beautiful. You appreciate the arts and are attracted to beauty in all forms which can get you into trouble when it comes to finding a long-lasting and meaningful relationship.

Libra Second Decan

October 3 - October 13

Planetary subruler: Uranus

Eccentric planet Uranus as your subruler gives you a unique flair which is most likely expressed through your home decor and fashion. You may be a trendsetter who is attracted to unique clothing. You have many acquaintances but may only feel comfortable around a small group of select people. You're a humanitarian at heart and truly care about people. You may enjoy debating but should try not to be argumentative just for the sake of being right.

Libra Third Decan

October 14 - October 22

Planetary subruler: Mercury

Mercury as your subruler makes you a natural-born communicator you could be a great orator or simply good at writing and/or expressing your thoughts. You likely have many friends who you enjoy having conversations with about a wide array of topics. You may fit one or two extremes - someone who is very detailed, borderline obsessive about your surroundings or disorganized or scattered.

October 23rd – November 21st

Scorpio First Decan

October 23rd - November 1

Planetary subruler: Pluto

You possess a great amount of personal power and the power of persuasion which, depending on how you use them, can be a beacon of light or recipe for destruction. My simple advice is to always choose the light. You're highly intuitive and can be an amazing physical or spiritual healer. You have a need for control and don't like being told what to do. As you get older, you should become more in tuned with your spirituality which will be life changing.

Scorpio Second Decan

November 2 - November 11

Planetary subruler: Neptune

Neptune as your subruler gives you a great deal of artistic, creative or musical talents. You are a dreamer and driven to make your dreams a reality. There are many times in your life where things may fall apart to bring something new and better so you should learn to trust universe. You're romantic and find yourself attracted to people from all walks of life but sometimes having too many choices prevents you from settling down at all! At times you may need to disconnect from the world to recharge your batteries.

Scorpio Third Decan

November 12 - November 21

Planetary subruler: Moon

The Moon as your subruler gives you natural nurturing abilities and heightened intuition. You're extremely perceptive and can pick up on what others are thinking without saying a word. Because of this you tend to take on other people's problems as your own which can result in emotional highs and lows for you. You need to learn to detach at times and focus on your own well-being. You can be good at managing money and security is very important to you. 

November 22nd - December 21st

Sagittarius First Decan

November 22 - December

Planetary subruler: Jupiter

With Jupiter as both your ruler and subruler, you have a larger than life personality and you like to think big. Sometimes to your own detriment. You may find yourself in situations where you were "saved" by the universe but should be careful as to not abuse this or you may never learn important lessons. You're jovial and encouraging and people love being around you. One lesson for you to learn is restraint. Too much of anything can be bad for you.

Sagittarius Second Decan

December 2 - December 11

Planetary subruler: Mars

Action planet Mars as your subruler gives you a great deal of drive and ambition to make your dreams a reality. You're not afraid to speak your mind which could get you into trouble, especially in your younger years. You can be impatient and don't like being in the same place for too long. Even if you're in a relationship you will always need to maintain a sense of independence.

Sagittarius Third Decan

December 12 - December 21

Planetary subruler: Sun

Jovial, creative and expressive, you enjoy being the life of the party and the center of attention. You have a great sense of humor and are loyal to those you love. The sun as your subruler gives you creative talents which can be used to motivate and inspire others. You can be too blunt at times and should guard against being bossy.

December 22nd - January 19th

Capricorn First Decan

December 22nd - December 31

Planetary subruler: Saturn

With serious Saturn as both your ruler and subruler you're extremely hard-working and ambitious. You can be obsessed about success - whatever it means to you and are willing to put in tireless hours to get where you want to be. You may often feel that you're not progressing fast enough which can send you into a depressed state if you're not careful. You're very responsible and many people in your life may lean on you for support.

Capricorn Second Decan

January 1 - January 10

Planetary subruler: Venus

You're practical, pragmatic but also highly creative. You have the ability to see much success from any area that involves, art, creativity and beauty because you're willing to work harder at it than most people. You can be romantic but also critical of your partner or potential partners. You should guard against conceit - yes you are good at a lot of things but should always stay humble. You have many friends and admirers who like to be in your presence.

Capricorn Third Decan

January 11 - January 19

Planetary subruler: Mercury

With detailed oriented Mercury as your subruler not much can slip through the cracks with you. You're naturally great at organizing - teams, events, etc. and are a natural-born leader. You have great communication skills and a presence about you. You can be too critical at times and have a tendency towards worry which can take a toll on your health. Exercise and short getaway trips are essential for your well-being.

January 20th - February 18th

Aquarius First Decan

January 20 - January 29

Planetary subruler: Uranus

Uranus is both your ruler and subruler which can make you a natural dissenter. You are a trailblazer and love to be different. You're extremely forward thinking and may have hobbies and interests that others find unique and "quirky." You may have the desire to change the world in some way but could learn to give more attention to your personal relationships.

Aquarius Second Decan

January 30 - February 8

Planetary subruler: Mercury

You have a brilliant mind and can be a highly gifted communicator. However you may spend too much time in your head thinking about ideas rather than living and executing in the physical world. You love meeting people from different walks of life and can spend hours talking to complete strangers. You have a wealth of knowledge and may be seen by others as a human encyclopedia. Although you love being surrounded by people you often crave your alone time.

Aquarius Third Decan

February 9 - February 18

Planetary subruler: Venus

Revolutionary Uranus coupled with creative Venus gives you the ability to create something innovative that makes the world a better place. You think outside the box and are a great team player. You have a natural charm that makes people want to be around you. Although you enjoy relationships you will always need to maintain your own sense of identity when in a committed partnership.

February 19th - March 20th

Pisces First Decan

February 19 - February 29

Planetary subruler: Neptune

With dreamy planet Neptune as both your ruler and subruler, the term "head in the clouds" was created for you. You are a dreamer through and through and live between the physical and mystical world. You possess a great deal of creative talents and can excel at music and dance. People love being around you but you need to learn to protect your energy. You more than most Pisceans should stay away from hard drugs and alcohol because it will be hard for you to separate reality from an altered mental state.

Pisces Second Decan

March 1 - March 10

Planetary subruler: Moon

With the Moon as your subruler, you're a natural-born healer. You could excel at any career that involves care taking, physical therapy and/or medicine. You're highly receptive and perceptive and tend to take on people's problems which then affects your mood and ability to be creative. You need time for yourself to detach and think about what really makes you happy in this world. The saying "home is where the heart is" rings true for you.

Pisces Third Decan

March 11 - March 20

Planetary subruler: Pluto

With creative Neptune as your ruler and powerful Pluto as your subruler you pursue your dreams wholeheartedly. Throughout your life you may experience many highs and lows that only help your spiritual growth in the long run. Early in life you may come across people who try to control and manipulate you because you have not stepped into your own personal power. You may crave and be afraid of change at the same time but adaptability is one of your greatest gifts.

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Max R.
Max R.
Jun 15

There's also a difference between may vs june gemini. I was born on June 7th and my sister was born in May, and we couldn’t be more different. My cousin’s a May Gemini too, and she's really different from me as well. I think even the month matters. To me, May Geminis are more earthy, while June Geminis are more airy.

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