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"Before getting engaged, my now husband and I met with Tamerri for a Relationship Compatibility reading. We thought it would be fun and interesting to get both our charts done and deep dive into why our relationship works. Tamerri gave us such great insight into us as individuals and how we worked as a couple. We knew we had a strong connection but it was amazing to hear how it was aligned in the stars. She gave us a good understanding of our relationship and great advice on how to communicate with one another. A few months after our reading we got engaged and we couldn't be happier. I would recommend anyone in a relationship to meet with Tamerri! 

Gengy B. / Walt Disney Company 

"Tamerri, AstroFashionista, has an amazing gift of revealing the mysteries behind why individuals are the way they are through astrology. Her insight she gains from her work and provides to her friends and clients is unlike anything I have ever seen. I carry her words with me always and have a true understanding of my being, from an emotional, spiritual, and mental level. Tamerri is one in a million, get ready to have your mind blown away at what she reveals about you with her astro talents!"

Kate S. / Event Planner

Tamerri ran my chart a while back when I first became an educator. The information she provided helped me to better understand myself in addition to my students. I gained tremendous insights into my cognitive, spiritual, emotional, and physical being. It was so fascinating that we decided to also run my husband's charts. We have a beautiful and blessed marriage and believe that communication and gratitude are essential. After reading our charts we were able to take our relationship to a whole new level of understanding each other. Tamerri is a wonderful person and has a true passion for delivering this information to others. We can't wait to have her run our daughter's charts.

Denise B. / Entrepreneur

Tamerri is one of the kindest and most genuine people I know. She was able to help me understand obstacles and challenges as well as strengths in my life by reading my birth chart. It was eye opening! 

Cynthia M. / Public Relations Manager

AstroFashionista is a wealth of knowledge and insight for every aspect of your life. Tamerri has a gift of interpreting birth charts to reveal personal insights and behaviors of people she has never met! Tamerri used my Birth Chart to reveal personal strengths I hadn't yet discovered in myself, while also confirming those things I thought I knew but sometimes questioned. And the great thing is that you can refer back to the report any  time after the reading to see how you are changing and growing into the person you were meant to be. I never saw myself as the "Mars in Leo" type, but years after my reading with Tamerri I'm suddenly embracing this piece of who I am. The accurateness of the reading is .... I have no words. It is that AMAZING! Thank you, AstroFashionista for helping me see my true potential.  

Melissa A. / CEO

AstroFashionista used my birth chart to help me understand why the relationship of my dreams had not manifested itself yet. Through meeting with her I was able to gain insight into other obstacles and lessons I had to learn in order to take the relationship aspect of my life to the next level and truly open myself up for the right person. She’s so lovely with her radiant personality, totally relatable and on point! I highly recommend her! 

Deepa R. / Director of Sales

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