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Gift of the Nile Wellness

Meet Gift of the Nile wellness!

Gift of the Nile is a manifestation of my ancestry and my personal gift to you, combining my work as AstroFashionista (Certified Astrologer), reiki healer and Beauty Industry Product Development Veteran.

My Baba (father), Architect & African History Scholar Mathu Ater, named me TaMerri, an ancient name for Egypt (also known as Kemet). Ta-Merri(y) is the Beloved Land or “Gift of the Nile,” as Egypt would not have life without the infamous Nile River.

Ancient Egyptians were some of the first to use astrology, aromatherapy and metaphysics and they built arguably, the most famous civilization in history. It’s my belief that we should revisit the universal laws of the past and our ancestral foundation to help us navigate the present world. Let’s take a journey together and reconnect with the natural cycles of nature, earth and the universe.

We live in a world where outer beauty is king (or pharaoh!), and people have never been more beautiful with products, surgery and filters at our fingertips. Yet many are still unhappy and searching for something outside of themselves.

Gift of the Nile wellness products will beautify your soul and encourage you to share your personal gifts with the world. Because when we walk in our purpose, we have a greater capacity to help others and make the world a truly beautiful place.

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