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Raise Your Glasses to Fabulous Lashes!

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

We're in the thick of the holiday season, the perfect time to be unapologetically EXTRA. I'm talking glitter, shimmer and metallics. No matter what your personal style is - conservative or over-the-top, a great pair of lashes is the perfect way to add a little more glam to your life. So I've teamed up with Deepa Lashes to bring you the perfect pair of luxurious lashes for your zodiac sign so you can end this year right! P.S. Promo Code at the end!


You're a Ram so you love to get your way. Put on these Charmer lashes and charm charm away! 


Greek goddess Aphrodite = Roman goddess Venus which is your sign's ruler. Aphrodite lashes are a no brainer for you. 


Houston, we have another Charmer! You have the gift of gab, now compliment it with your most seductive eye. 


You don't always feel comfortable around people you don't know so it's ok to hide behind these Doe Eyed beauties to do the heavy lifting. 


You're probably the one sign that would take pride (get it? Lion, pride...) in being labeled "High Maintenance." Yeah I said it...throw these on and own it. 


The more humble of the zodiac, you like efficiency and don't always have time for frills. Low Maintenance helps you be chic so you can continue to be "perfect" and critique. 


Like Taurus, Venus/Aphrodite  is your ruler and on top of that, Libra is the sign of partnership. Well Aphrodite is your perfect match. 


Obsession tends to run in your blood so there are a lot of things You Can't Get Enough of, including this fab pair of lashes. 


You value freedom, travel and learning. Only a pair of lashes named "Wispy Fairytale" are bold enough to match your natural optimism. 


Who has time for fluff and frills when you have to pay the bills? You're all about business now so you can have fun later. Low Maintenance is your perfect pair. 


Your intellect and innovative ideas may intimidate others. Don't fret, these Doe Eyed lashes can help you soften your disposition.  


You're one of the most creative and intuitive signs in the zodiac and you live in your own dream world. So dream on with these Dreamer lashes. 

Because Deepa and I want you to be your best both inside and out, we're both offering 20% off on on and from 12/20/18 through 12/26/18. So get an astrology reading and/or some lashes to start your new year off right! Use promo code SLEIGH2018.


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