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AstroFashionista’s Mystical Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season for eating and shopping! And while it's not good to go overboard, I do believe in giving to express your love and appreciation for someone, especially yourself!

The quarantimes have me shopping up a storm and I've come across some really cool magical, mystical & celestial items. Some I have purchased for myself, others I really shouldn't so I'm spreading the love :)

Sooooo.....Here's my Mystical Holiday Gift Guide by Zodiac Sign!

For the Self-Loving ARIES in your life

High: AstroFashionista Customized Birth Book $130

Low: Estée Lauder Aries Zodiac Powder Compact $63.75

For the luxury loving TAURUS in your life

High: Ring Concierge Zodiac Medallion Necklace $1,448

Low: YVES SAINT LAURENT BEAUTE Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick - Limited Edition Star Collector $38

For the Busy Bee GEMINI in your life

High: Gucci Princetown Embroidered Leather Slipper $850

Low: Zodiac Clear iPhone Case $30

For the Creature Comfort loving CANCER in your life

High: Magic Hour Luxury Tea Magic of Three Jars Set $133

Low: Project 52 Astrological Glass Jar Candle $7.99

For the Regal LEO in your life

High: Gold Lion Mirror $175

Low: Callier Lion Figurine $41.99

For the Meticulous VIRGO in your life

High: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Conceal, Retouch and Glow Kit $103.20

Low: Magic of I Astrological Planner $45

For the people loving LIBRA in your life

High: Aromatherapy Associates Moments to Treasure Holiday Gift Set $337

Low: Celestial Cheese Serveware $30

For the Mysterious SCORPIO in your life

High: AstroFashionista 1 Hour Reading Gift Certificate $150

Low: Neo Tarot $25.49

For the adventure loving SAGITTARIUS in your life

High: Constellation Globe $95

Low: Sagittarius Luggage Tag & Passport Holder $23.85

For the Classic CAPRICORN in your life

High: Mejuri Heirloom Ring $550

Low: Capricorn Velvet Notebook $16.95

For the quirky AQUARIUS in your life

High: Crystal Singing Bowl Set $341

Low: Astrology Tashcen Book $40

For the mystical PISCES in your life

High: Polished Amethyst Cluster $378

Low: Geode Tea Light Holder $25

xo Tamerri, AstroFashionista

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