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Your 2019 Numerology Forecast!

Oh how I love the New Year and the feeling of renewal and opportunity in the air. Before the New Year I assess planetary movement and how it will affect my personal astrology. This allows me to focus on the areas of my life where there seems to be room for growth and expansion. A very important piece of this puzzle is my Personal Year Number.

Now what is that??? Let’s switch gears from astrology to numerology, which I always incorporate into my Private Birth Chart Readings. Numerology is the study of numbers as divine energy. Like astrology, numerology can be used to assess a person’s personality traits. In my study of both I have found that there is a lot of overlap between a person’s astrological natal chart and their numerology chart.

Your personal year number is a very important number as it gives you clues to what the “theme” of your year may be. Every year has a theme or energy that is associated with a number one through nine. So every nine years you start a new life cycle. To give you an example, 2016 was an “8” year for me. The number 8 has the energy of enterprise, making money and personal power. I worked with this energy in 2016 to work on my business and financial goals. 2017 was a “9” year for me which is more of a spiritual number and about letting go so that I could start my “1” year and a new nine year cycle fresh in 2018.

To calculate your personal year for 2019 add the numerical month of your birth month and day to 2017 and reduce the sum to a single digit. Example: My birthdate is 4/22. 4+2+2+2+0+1+9= 20. 2+0= 2.

Read below to learn more about your personal year number and what your theme for 2019 will be.


This is a year of renewal for you. You’re starting a new cycle and it’s up to you to decide what you want to create in your life for the next 9 years. Stay focused and choose your tasks wisely. Try to avoid self-centered behavior this year but don’t worry, when next year rolls around you’ll receive lots of opportunities to focus on others.


This year you are learning lessons in cooperation. You’ve just emerged from your “1” year where your focus was on yourself. You are powerful but no success is achieved alone. This is a nurturing energy where you may be called to help others. Make sure to schedule your alone time and get lots of rest as balance is a major theme of this year.


This year you may feel the urge to express your creativity and/or break your routine. The 3 energy is light and fun and you can use it to network with new people and/or finally have some fun. On the flip side all this creativity can leave you scattered and unfocused so try to stay grounded. Meditation is a good practice to help with this.


Ok time to turn down from your “3” year. Last year you may have met a lot of new interesting people and had new experiences but it’s time to get back to work. What did you set out to do 3 years ago in your “1” year? Have you achieved this? If not, time to get back at it. This energy may feel slow and restricting but it’s what you need before you enter your “5” year cycle next year.


Which road to take? So many opportunities, so many choices. This is the energy of the “5” year. You are no longer in the safety zone of the “4” year where frankly you may have been a little bored. There are new opportunities emerging but you will have to make a choice. Which one will support your goals? What is best for your family? Whatever you decide, just remember change is good.


6 is a care taking and romantic energy and this year you may be more inclined to focus on family matters. You’ll be more protective and concerned about the people closest to you and will crave harmony in all areas of your life. A great year to commit to a partner and/or start a family.


Last year you may have given a lot of energy to the most important people in your life but now is the time to renew yourself. You may feel more reclusive this year, which is good because you need to revisit the things that are most important to you. If what you have been doing does not spiritually fulfill you, let it go.


Time to get to work! This can be a very successful year for you if you stay on the grind. Do not work against the “8” energy by giving into laziness. Embrace your personal power and the possibility of achieving your definition of success. Be careful of physically exhausting yourself. Rest and renewal are key to keeping your engine going.


Hopefully you achieved a lot of material success last year, but this is not the key to happiness. This is your lesson for your “9” year. You will reflect back on the last 8 years - what you achieved, the lessons you learned. Its time to evaluate your life and let go of what is not working. This can be a great time of spiritual renewal if you follow your intuition.

Now that you know your personal year number for 2019 year look back at the years prior and reflect on what happened. Do the themes for each of your personal year numbers ring true for you? I would love to hear more in the comment section below.

xo Tamerri, Astrofashionista


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