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Spring Equinox Horoscopes

Happy International Astrology Day!

The first day of spring in the northern hemisphere (fall below the equator) and the day THE SUN which rules expression, creativity and where we want to shine, moves into cardinal fire sign, Aries. The Sun is in its sign of exaltation in Aries which means that it’s held in high esteem there. It’s a place where it can be noticed and get special treatment. Because we all have Aries somewhere in our natal chart, the area being activated for us is a place where we can have a fresh new start and solidify creative ideas so that they become a reality.

I give you the 411 in my Spring Equinox Horoscopes. Watch for your sun & rising signs and bonus points for your moon sign. If you don’t know your rising or sun sign you can run a free birth chart here, or book a personal reading so I can give you your real astrological tea. Natal chart readings can literally be life changing.

Time Stamps:

Aries 4:20

Taurus 7:36

Gemini 10:46

Cancer 13:12

Leo 15:30

Virgo 17:49

Libra 20:03

Scorpio 21:52

Sagittarius 24:07

Capricorn 26:04

Aquarius 27:38

Pisces 30:27

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